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taking questions on Christian Hermeticism and Christian contemplative traditions, the Enneagram, meditation, contemplation, active imagination, dreamwork, alchemy, Jungian studies, Integral spirituality, Ecozoic spirituality, Interspirituality, Antinomianism, Ranterism, Panentheism, Asceticism, Buddhist-Christian dialogue, Monasticism, Gnosticism, Jewish-Christianity, Asceticism, Christian Vegetarianism, Christian Heretics, Saints & Mystics, Hesychasm, et al....

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contemplative, activist & scholar


The Ranters' Enclave / The Great Western Vehicle / The Universal Third Order / The Order of Universal Interfaith / The Order of Allogenes / Interspiritual Dialogue 'n Action



M.P.S. (master's degree in practical theology with focus in eco-spirituality from Loyola U of New Orleans, a Jesuit university), D.Min. (doctor of ministry degree with focus in interspirituality from Universal Ministries School of Theology, a non-denominational Protestant institute), certified charismatic meditation teacher (The Great Western Vehicle), completion of OFM Franciscan Missioner Training (Franciscan Mission Service of North America), Reiki Master Teacher (Usui lineage), certified Enneagram counselor (The Ranters' Enclave) Ordained InterSpiritual minister & vowed Sannyasin (Order or Universal Interfaith Community of Sannyasa)

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2011-08-02 light of god:

the Divine energy is commonly experienced as sound and light in deep prayer and meditation. this is true cross-culturally regardless of religion. keep practicing as you are on the right track. be absorbed

2011-06-16 Isaiah 57:

CHAIRO! you can see from the Is. 57:20-21 that this promise of healing is conditional on one's righteousness as the wicked receive the opposite of peace.  The type of healing is expressed here as a recovery

2011-05-29 emotions:

Chairo! I recommend allowing emotions to flow out freely, unless of course they are violent emotions which must be sublimated in a non-violent manner. most importantly one should observe the emotion taking

2011-02-27 divine couple:

bridal mysticism is present in much christian mysticism, as is marian devotion, both of which relate to the masculine/feminine Divine Mysteries. the leading authority on the divine couple in religions

2010-02-24 Christianity on Azrael and archangels:

peace  each tradition in christianity will have its own names for the archangels.  i follow the coptic othodox tradition. see:


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