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I can probably be of assistance to those who feel they don't easily fit into the existing methods, molds or patterns usually associated with Christian mysticism.

I may comment on historical approaches. But in contemporary society many feel the need for new ways of connecting with the Holy Spirit, ways that are in sync and integrated within a 21st century worldview.

Experience in the area

I've explored several different Christian denominations and respect their various strengths without turning a blind eye to their weaknesses as I see it. I also look at connections among Christians and other beliefs at my educational website and at my blog


Print Media:
My table from "Religions and Cults" at is reproduced with permission in L. Lindsey, S. Beach and B. Ravelli, Core Concepts in Sociology, 2nd ed., p. 157

World Wide Web:
My online article "Letter to God" coauthored with Buddhist monk, E. Raymond Rock, appears on several different spirituality-based websites, including

I've interviewed, as a Christian, a self-proclaimed mystic:

My articles appeared at the former New View magazine and are published at


Ph.D. in Religious Studies
M.A. in Comparative Religion
B.A. Hon. in Psychology/Sociology
For details, please see my CV and letters of recommendation

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God knows you're seeking and I really believe that God will hook you up with the right people at the right time. It might be a bit unconventional if you are truly using your intellect to try to seek out

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To save time, this answer was composed with the help of Microsoft speech recognition software .  As a result, some of the punctuation might appear just a little different than usual . Thank you for your

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Greg, I see it as a temple, a gift from God, and ultimately God's property, if such a term could be used. As such, the goal of human life is to get our bodily acts in line with our perception of God's

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Dave, I think we all go through certain injustices and wonder what the heck the Lord is up to. After many years I've come to see it this way--we have a lower nature and a higher one. The lower wants revenge


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