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I can answer questions related to karma, reincarnation, and life after death, according to the teachings of yoga as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda (master of yoga and author of Autobiography of a Yogi). Yogananda's teachings on these subjects are straightforward, accessible, and helpful to people of any background.

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I am an ordained minister and the author of several books on reincarnation, including The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, Walking with William of Normandy, and Blessed Lanfranc. I have studied yoga philosophy and reincarnation for the past forty years, and I've lectured on these subjects in America and in Europe.


Minister of Ananda Sangha Worldwide


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Recent Answers from Richard Salva

2014-04-14 Rebirth:

Dear Sandra,    I am sorry to hear that your beloved pet died, and I pray that you will soon experience peace and healing.    For this particular question I have to answer from my own general knowledge

2014-01-06 Will my mom come back to me?:

Dear Soyal,    I am sorry to hear of your loss. I send you my prayers and condolences.    I think it is possible that your mother could come back sometime soon in the body of, perhaps, the child of a relative

2012-11-15 Loss & Reincarnation:

Dear Wendy,    I am so sorry about your loss. Perhaps even more so than usual, as I just lost my own mother last week.    I don't know if I can be of that much assistance to you, as you are further along

2011-10-08 My Birth Dream.:

Dear Elana,    According to my beliefs, it isn't so much whether you might be a reincarnation of someone else, as who exactly you were in your most recent past life. A lifetime in the 1800s is not that

2011-04-04 How soon after death till someone takes rebirth and how can you know?:

Dear Brooke,    I am sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept my condolences.    There are many possibilities for when someone might reincarnate after they pass on. Most return fairly quickly—less


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