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I can answer questions on reincarnation, personal past life research, famous past lives, and alternative memory theories (otherwise known as: if it's not reincarnation, what is it?) I DO NOT DO PSYCHIC READINGS - there is no quick answer to who you may have been in a past lifetime. But I can help you find the ways to uncover the past life memories you have within. I also do not give romance advice on the slim hope that it may be past life related. If a question is not on reincarnation itself it will be rejected.

Experience in the area

I have a webseries called Going Past, on The Psychic Tutor channel on youtube: The channel also offers a recommended selection of videos on past life recall, and other webseries on psychic ability and dreams. In 2015 I published a novel, A Small Tale of Shakespeare, the tale of a strange small woman who turns out to be the reincarnation of William Shakespeare, walking in the shoes of a woman that Shakespeare felt he had wronged. The past life recall in the novel, though the modern day characters are fiction, are taken from real accounts of past life recall, surrounding William Shakespeare, William Herbert, the Third Earl of Pembroke, and the earl's tiny, almost invisible wife, Mary Talbot. The novel is available available at amazon:


I have written three books, Psychic Sensibility and BEING Home, about psychic and paranormal ability in relationship to dreams, and a novel, A Small Take Of Shakespeare, about reincarnation. Another novel, The Mind Demons, is in the works.


My work in reincarnation developed as I researched my own past lives, and discovered the best ways for conducting personal past life recall. I have been writing regards reincarnation and related matters since 1997, primarily on the internet.

Awards and Honors

My series of weblenses, The Psychic School on Squidoo, has earned a number of citations for excellence, and has attracted thousands of readers since it began in 2009.

What do you like about this subject?

I love that this is a field that not only encompasses spiritual belief, but is proving its possibilities within the realms of science. My personal experience with past life recall has taught me that we have only begun to realize what is possible within ourselves.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I want to help a wider cross-section of people to understand what reincarnation is and is not. Many believe that reincarnation is the property of New Age thinkers. I have known a wide range of people, from non-believers to people of all faiths, who believe in the possibilities of past life recall.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Scientific and psychological research regarding reincarnation concentrates heavily on the accounts related by very young children: so it may be the only field in which toddlers can be viewed as "expert" witnesses!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Usually the first thing that pops to people's minds is that everyone claims a famous past life. There are actually not that many out there that can be proven. I have evidence that I did have a famous past life. However, it is one instance out of many I recall. I deal with the famous person's personal issues - the fame doesn't seem real to me.

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Hey, Frank! It's not dead, it "resurrects" when something hits the news, like a new book or film. There's also the problem someone brought up when I tried writing a workbook for analyzing past life recall

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Dear Peter,    Don't believe everything you've been told. In fact, put aside all of it and think about the following.    No one can tell you who you've been. If you don't have past life recall of your

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Frank, your thoughts and beliefs were beautifully put. I have always felt that we should never forget that there will always be questions more than answers, and that there is an almost certain probability

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Sorry for the delay, Frank; I was away from email. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving; I did.    There are people who will tell you that a psychic can tell you what lives you've had before. I am psychic


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