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I invite your questions about reincarnation, especially from a religious perspective. What the various religions teach on this subject, possible religious significances of past life memories and so on. How does reincarnation, transmigration and the laws of karma, dharma and marga work. Understanding the biblical gilgul neshamot (the cyclical rolling of souls) as accepted by many Jews. Methods of drawing out your past life memories without resorting to regression therapies that can be misdirections. Sometimes what we need most is someone who will believe us and who will listen as we process. I'm all ears. You can share with me.

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Since 1969 I've had a recurring dream/memory of my past life that has been confirmed to my satisfaction. This has led me to explore this topic on my own, with fellow seekers, with teachers of various traditions East and West, and at university. My past life experiences have lead me to formally convert to Judaism, the religion of my past life. I am absolutely convinced that reincarnation is part of God's plan for global restitution and tikun (soul correction).

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41 plus years of seeking God.
Three Christian ordinations (Baptist, Calvary Chapel and an independent Christian Church), an MA in Religious Studies, an ordination in Ministry and Spiritual Counseling from the Interfaith Seminaries, 40 plus years of sincere seeking/practice and 17 years answering questions and posting studies online. Author of and other websites and blogs.

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2015-12-11 Reincarnation and its conditions:

Hi Tim,  This was way too long to be replied to point by point.    Those religious and spiritual paths that believe in reincarnation vary radically when it comes to their understanding of it.     Many

2015-03-24 Earth:

Hi Anthony,  The questions are endless and no answers are absolute. This is how the process works.     Personally, as a Jew, I do not believe the earth will be destroyed. I believe we will get very close

2013-06-23 Can a mistake happen?:

Hi Tod,  I would not say "mistakes" happen, but souls can be placed in families and/or situations that are "alien" to them as individual souls for various reasons. For instance I am Jewish but was born

2012-12-27 RE: Reincarnation Case WW2 Germany. But who Was I Put a Name To Face for Research!!!:

Hi Andrew,  Many of us with memories from this period are drawn to them in inexplicable way. I wish I had something to offer you but it sounds as though your quest continues.   There is a good Yahoo Group

2012-10-15 Birthmarks and allergy:

Shalom,    You: The Bible says 'Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.' What's you interpretation of this?    RY: John 17:3 has a problem


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