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I am a chimney sweep with over 22 years of experience, CSIA certified and member of the NCSG, I can answer questions about smoky fire places, wood stoves, and heating units (boiler and furnace chimneys) do you need a relining? A cap? And much more

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over 22 years


Chimney Safety Institute of America, National Chimney Sweep Guild


CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) certified

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Brian09/13/16101010Thanks. They don't make the fireplace any .....
Jude06/10/16101010Rapid response. Easy to understand. Unfortunately confirmed .....
John03/11/16101010Great info
John02/23/16101010James replied quickly and offered to the .....

Recent Answers from James Ball

2016-10-02 Wood stove:

Jello Justin, you have to use their panels (any other might cause over heating/fire) I would go back to the manufacturer and if you can't find them then the stove should be replaced.  Also I would have

2016-09-13 True Heat Fireplace:

Hello Brian, I am not familiar  with that system, but that looks like the Pipe is used not the cap, you must use OEM parts, the Chase Cover can be made by anyone, I would replace the chase cover with a

2016-03-08 Firebox:

Hello Elisabeth, 1st lets start with it sounds like you have a PreFab fireplace, if so there will be a Tag up inside or behind the screen some where, that will tell you who made and then you can look for

2016-03-07 Smoky Fireplace:

Hello John, here is a link to my web page and it talks about Negative Pressure, reasons why and how to "live with it" or "correct it" might be as simple as opening a window 3-5" till the fire is going

2016-03-03 Martin DF41 F:

Hello Tom, you have a real problem, as far as I know Martin is out of business, so the only way to replace that pipe is to replace the entire system, firebox/fireplace and all the pipe to the top, you


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