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Do you have a call made by the referee in last week`s match puzzling you? Are you a referee who may not be certain that what was done was the right thing to do? I shall be glad to entertain any questions about officiating soccer. The more the players, coaches and supporters understand the referee and his/her decisions, the more fun we can have on the pitch.

Experience in the area

After coaching my son's travel team, I have been USSF State Referee, State Assessor, Assignor and State Instructor in addition to having been a college NISOA referee,a NISOA clinician, a NISOA assessor and a high school referee.




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What do you like about this subject?

Officiating a soccer match is an art. There are very few black and white situations, but many, many grays. In addition, the ref has to decide if and when to stop the match to address one of those gray situations.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Every match has its own characteristics and challenges. Every match can be a learning opportunity. If I can do better, and if I can help others understand the Laws of the Game better, perhaps, we will all have more fun on the pitch.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Unless the referee calls the "foul," it is not a foul. Don't play the referee.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Everyone wants to whine about the officiating, but few have the courage to do it, and fewer still can do it well.

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Jenna12/10/13101010Thank you for the help

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2014-12-26 Penalty:

Let me first acknowledge that I do not know of any ruling in this particular situation.    That being said, this situation, in my opinion, goes to the most critical phrase in the laws of the game - "in

2014-10-07 Indirect Kick:

An indirect free kick would be awarded and the kick would be taken from the top of the goal area at the point nearest to the point of the foul.    This is the only time that defenders would be able to

2014-06-06 Offsides:

From your description of the event, I would say that the game was wrong and it was NOT Offside.    However, another possibility is there.  If the player was taking a free kick, kicked the ball only to

2013-12-07 Indirect Free Kick:

The easiest way I have found for keeping the direct and indirect fouls straight in my mind is to simply remembering the direct free kick fouls.  Generally, the direct free kick fouls are more physical

2012-11-25 soccer red card:

The red card for intentional handling is primarily for a defender denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity that close to the goal.    An attacking player intentionally handling the ball to enhance his/her


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