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On the topic of the band Alice In Chains I can answer almost any question concerning discographies, recording sessions, concert history, tours, and their music (including bootlegs). However, my research only covers the years up to the death of Layne Staley (2002). This topic has been a consuming interest of mine for years and I have aquired a huge database of information: articles and interviews, chart histories and reviews, discographies, biographies, band histories, an EXTENSIVE music library comprised of demos, audio and video bootlegs, side projects, collaborations, soundtrack contributions, and audio/video studio releases.

Experience in the area

Journalism major, MSU (SMSU) newspaper. I've written several (private,unpublished) research papers on the beginnings and subsequent careers of Alice In Chains and it's members both past and present up to 2002. Still actively researching the band, but focus on the Layne Staley years.


None currently. Previously belonged to Sierra Society, NAMI, National Parks and Conservation Association, Philatilists Society and Amnesty International.


MSU (SMSU) school newspaper.


I graduated summa cum laude with an Associate of Arts degree from MSU (previously SMSU) in 1993 and was a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

Awards and Honors

Phi Theta Kappa, graduated summa cum laude, assorted job achievement awards and and several promotions.

What do you like about this subject?

The music. Layne lives on through the music he and the band made. William DuVall is not trying to be Layne, and he is very talented! Fans who won't accept this are really missing out. Jerry Cantrell, Mike Starr/Mike Inez, and Sean Kinney were 3/4 of Alice. They are still here and are still tremendous musicians. We are lucky that they DO want to play.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

As I continue to research I continue to learn. More of the bands' past makes sense, and I begin to understand how/why things happened (or not). They kept things private. There wasn't much tattling or back-biting and there still isn't. Considering what they ALL went through (and alot of it wasn't pretty), I find that amazing.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Where to begin?? 1)There's a bootleg running around out there that for years has been credited to be Alice, but IT'S-NOT-ALICE! It's actually a demo from 1993 by a band called Thread. The tracks can be found on several other Alice bootlegs such as Tasty White Powder and Working Class Heroes. Not only is the wrong band credited, but the tracks are mis-titled. (

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

The band had a very controversial career. There were periods of dominating worldwide popularity and hell bent for leather non-stop touring and then they would go off the radar, popping up once in a while and then nothing... It was never due to waning popularity, they received major award nominations every year (except 1994, 1998, 1999) including 2000.

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2012-09-02 Would video (studio version):

Hello Joseph!   Thank you for the question about a video that I have always wondered about also.  I can only help in a limited way...  As an AIC fan you probably know that Alice performed the songs "Would"

2011-08-25 but not AIC!:

Hello Ben!    Sorry to say nothing is coming to mind, but I can narrow down the search for you.  Grind was the first single released off of the Alice in Chains self titled album in 1995.  It was still

2011-06-06 Man In The Box's video character:

Hello Sister!!    Hope all is well with you!    I had often heard that it is Layne, and even read it somewhere   in a less than trustworthy rag (magazine article), but have serious doubts.  That same "magazine"

2011-04-25 A Famous Alice Fan:

Anna    I am sorry that I cannot find any confirmation for you.  I have been searching the vast archives and sources available to me   but still can find no mention of the reference.  Of course that does

2011-04-24 A Famous Alice Fan:

 Wow!! I am so surprised at your question!  I have never come across such a reference in any article that I have access to.   Never.    Maybe you should be the "expert" and I the "questioner"! lol!  


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