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Dr. Fredric Malmberg


I am one of the leading makers of rare wood boomerangs, and am familiar with all types of construction techniques. I have been throwing since 1977, and competitively since the 1980's, having won a tournament as recently as 2010. I also have researched and discussed with other experts the science of the flight of boomerangs, and should be able to answer any questions on that subject.

Experience in the area

My experience includes many years of throwing; many construction techniques that I personally developed; and a strong interest in learning about flight in general.


I belong to the United States Boomerang Association (USBA).


Many Happy Returns (newsletter of the USBA) has published several articles of mine over the years. Both local newspapers have written front page articles about my boomerang interest in the past year.


There are no standard credentials in this field; no set of standard texts, nor courses. I have read all books written on boomerangs, specifically, and quite a few on flight, for further clarification.

Awards and Honors

I have won multiple USBA awards for aesthetics competition in boomerang construction (more than any other maker), since 1991. I won the 1993 World Championships in Boomerang Construction. In throwing, I won the USBA Open Division Championship in 1998, and in 2005 I won the Cuyahoga Valley National Park 25th Annual Boomerang Extravaganza. I also have the honor of having a method of tuning a boomerang (bending it to fly better) named after me, and no other person living or dead has that honor

Past/Present Clients

I was the featured boomerang thrower at the Grand Opening (December, 2005) of the 73 million dollar addition, the Australia Exhibit, at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. I also give many boomerang demonstrations for private clients, schools, organizations, and for outdoor festivals.

What do you like about this subject?

To me, there is little on this earth as fascinating as boomerangs. You can concentrate on the athletic portion, the throwing and catching; you can concentrate on the art aspect, and there are many ways of constructing artistic boomerangs; or, the science of the flight, construction, or tuning of them. It is like a gem, with many facets.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

My joy is in sharing with others my passion for boomerangs, and part of that includes answering questions posted here.

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