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Alan Baker

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I can answer questions relating to OCD, such as:

*Order & Symmetry
*Gender Identity
*Magical thinking/superstitions

Please note: I can not give you a diagnosis or give you medical advice. I also do not offer therapy or counselling. I advise you to see a doctor or mental-health professional for appropriate treatment of OCD.

Experience in the area

I've been a research associate in clinical psychology, written numerous essays on OCD diagnosis & treatment, and been quite active in the local OCD community (as we do group-therapy and workshops). I also consider myself an ex-sufferer of OCD.


B.A Science
PGDip Applied Psychology
Social Work

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2016-08-30 doubt of ptosis:

Hi aob    unfortunately I have no expertise in eye health. My expertise is in OCD.     If you haven't already, you might check in with these experts on the site instead:      http://www.allexperts.com/el/Ophthalmology-Optometry/

2016-02-06 considering some help:

Hi Lexi    Sorry to see that you are struggling with this condition.     It probably depends on where you are in the world or what your circumstances are, and what kind of help is accessible or available

2016-02-04 OCD semen contamination:

Hi Martin,    Yes, this seems consistent with contamination obsessions. The truth is, it is up to you how you deal with the hygiene aspects of this issue. Some people are observant of this type of hygiene

2015-04-19 losing hope...:

Hi Fi    I want to say that you're probably a lot stronger than you realize. Once upon a time, I felt pretty helpless with my condition to the point that I too wanted to just give up completely. If I had

2015-04-06 OCD:

Hi Andrew    In your question you asked: "How does this usually work for people with OCD)? Do they sometimes choose not to answer you when you contact them?".    OCD can involve many different kinds


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