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I can answer anything on different types of wrestling such as UK Style, Japanese Strong Style, Canadian Technical, Lucha, American style, and even classic greco-roman style. I have been a fan for years and have studied these styles to better understand the business, even trained in some. So, I know a lot about each style as well as different wrestling schools around the world that teach them best. I can answer anything on rumors and news as well, and even give advice on characters and storylines. If I don't know something, I'll look it up or ask contacts in the wrestling scene. So rest assured you'll get a great answer from me every time.

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I am also a Pro-Wrestling Expert here on AllExperts.com, and I have been an accredited Pro-Wrestling journalist for 3 years on top of training in various wrestling styles and watching them for years. I also know the medical world and know how to handle diets, exercises, and many things in between for people who are in or would like to get into wrestling.


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High School Grad (2008) Currently in college studying TV and Radio Broadcasting

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Featured and Syndicated Pro-Wrestling Columnist with BleacherReport.com Dare Essay Winner (2001)

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2015-08-17 Wrestling:

The point system is pretty simple. You get points for a pin but also for every takedown. Since you're not doing this in competition, make each for as many points as you want. If you go with the points

2015-08-11 Wrestling:

Very sorry for the late reply, been under the weather.    As for this question, it is a little tougher. To know who is truly the better wrestler, you'd have to be able to witness it in in person. Even

2015-08-04 Armwrestling:

I do believe the same. The reason is because in the pro-arm wrestling leagues....you have rules to abide by. Due to this, if you're in a dominant position for a long time and a man is simply bending his

2015-07-31 Armwrestling:

Hi there, thanks for asking.    As far as which is better, you clearly want to go with the stronger guy. The defensive guy is usually weaker, but he is smart to not go down the way he does. There is a

2012-09-26 general manager:

Getting to be a GM on any WWE show will require you to be under contract with WWE of course. But you mostly can just get hired as a wrestler. Which requires you to go to wrestling school. There is none


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