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Ive been a wrestling fan since the days of Bruiser and the Original Sheik. AWA and WWA and NWA history are my strong points. I have cataloged some 50 videos of wrestling dating back to the 60`s as well as several differnt wrestling magazines. Japanese wrestling I know a little about, like the crossvoer guys like Tshurta, etc...

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Jack05/14/09101010very good expert,very pleased with the .....
SEAN08/05/07101010thank you
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Kyle04/22/07101010thank u for answering my question

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2011-04-06 hello:

I don not know about or who Rikishi brother you mean?  Yoko is one of them.    Curt Hennig-OD on painkillers  Yokozuna-fluid in his lung  Adonis-he was killed in a car accident,when the driver, allegedly

2010-09-19 real names:

) Triple H       Paul Michael Levesque  2) Viscera    ??????  3) Adrian Adonis     KEITH FRANKE  4) Road warrior hawk    Michael James Hegstrand   5) William Regal        Darren Kenneth Matthews  6) Butch

2010-04-21 guide regarding reality in wrestling:

Well, I saw a history of professinal wrestling on A & E channel and there was alot of talk about when it made a change between reality and pre-determined.  It was around the 50's where promotions took

2010-03-09 Hello:

Briefly, but mark was generally regarded as the only one.    Doink the Clown was played by a great wrestler named Matt Borne  there are several other wrestlers who donned the personality but Matt was the

2010-02-04 Hello:

Wretler who murdered his wife and son was Chris Benoit.  I think why he was taken off the site should be apparent.  I do not keep up  with the new WWE that is outside my expertise.    Bad News I believe


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