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Bob Takano


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I can answer questions about training weightlifters for national and international competition.

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I am a member of the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame. I coached Olympian Albert Hood to two American records in the '84 Games. I've coached 17 international teams for the United States. I managed the training hall at the '84 Games, and was the assistant announcer at the '96 Games. Member, Editorial Board of the NSCA Journal


USA Weightlifting, National Strength and Conditioning Association


Strength and Power in Sport--published by the Sports Medicine Commission of the IOC


I have a B.A. in biology, a secondary teaching credential, and am certified as a strength and conditioning specialist with the NSCA. I am a Senior International Coach with US weightlifting.

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Member, USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame.

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UCLA Extension

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2016-08-22 Mallakhamb - Gymnastics Exercise Form.:

All sports entering the Olympics must have a well organized international federation with national federations in 45 nations or more.  In addition they must have world championships that are drug tested

2016-08-16 Roman ring gymnastics.:

5.75 m is the height of the horizontal from which the rings are suspended.  The rings must be 2.75 m above the floor.  they are no longer called Roman rings, but rather still rings.  Yes.  If the supporting

2016-08-11 Formula racing car event in Olympics:

No.  There is always the danger of the Games becoming too big and too costly to the point where they are not possible to be held.  Formula racing is expensive and would require facilities for practice

2015-09-15 Sports personalities excelling in more than one sport:

Certainly there have been.  since this website's category is the Olympic Games, I am assuming that you are referring to Olympic sports.  The most noteworthy who comes to mind is Willie Gault who ran on

2013-01-07 Training at Olympic Level:

Hello, Lydia  For a quick answer, in my sport of weightlifting elite level competitors are training 300 days a year and it's rumored that the top Chinese lifters will be training 330 days a year.  Many


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