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Able to answer questions on both the Winter and Summer Olympics from Athens 1896 to Turin 2006

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Have watched every Olympics since Seoul 1988 and have access to information on every medal winner since 1896

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2016-08-11 Formula racing car event in Olympics:

For a sport to be included in the Olympics it must meet two rules. Number 1) Does the international federation that administer the sport have an IOC membership and Number 2) Is the sport played by men

2016-08-11 Formula racing car event in Olympics:

No, none of the Formulas (1, 2, 3000) are included in the Olympics for two reasons. First, the Formula One Administration (who oversee the sport) do not adopt the IOC's code on drug testing and secondly

2016-07-24 one of the 1st Olympics basketball teams:

Basketball was a demonstration sport at the St. Louis Olympics of 1904 and then introduced to the Olympic programme in Berlin in 1936, therefore if any of those names became known for basketball before

2014-02-25 Olympic dooping.:

Common sense would say that if the player was dropped for the final, then the result would stand. If the test is confirmed, and that player scored a goal then other countries could argue (with some legitimacy)

2013-10-03 Contacting Coaches:

Following the qualification procedures a total of 14 nations have qualified for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Those countries are:    Russian Federation (host nation)  Slovakia  United States  Slovenia


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