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Basic questions on coping and maintaining asthma, copd, emphysema.Basic questions on oxygen therapy at home, no ventilators.

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I have been a Respiratory Therapist since 1989


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Have been n expert on sleep disorders also on this website for years

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2015-10-04 Possible COPD:

Pneumonia and since it was caught due to hypoxia is a sign that she most probably is getting the copd.  She still needs and should have the test.  When doctors just say her lungs are clear, maybe now the

2015-10-02 Possible COPD:

Unfortunately a smoker is about 80% sure he or she will get copd.  Which is just another way saying emphysema.  Most respiratory illnesses are when a person cannot breathe in . With copd they cant breathe

2015-07-14 chronic coughing:

mANY TIMES having a chronic cough or cough that wont go away may be  sign of emphysema.  You need to have a pulmonary function test its a simple test which you blow into a machine.  They then spray a bronchodilator

2015-04-03 Article quotes needed:

Hi, While I do not have any exact recipes for making the cleaning products. You would have to find some websites that does.  You can explain, while Asthma differs from one person to another.  There are

2015-01-06 Bronchitis and Flu Diagnosis?:

Bronchitis can last up to 3 to 4 weeks, and can really knock the hell out of someone making them very tired.  First of all since she had severe spasms like that, she should be on antibiotics especially


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