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Basic questions on coping and maintaining asthma, copd, emphysema.Basic questions on oxygen therapy at home, no ventilators.

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I have been a Respiratory Therapist since 1989


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Have been n expert on sleep disorders also on this website for years

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2017-01-17 Noise without a name:

This is called pursed lip breathing.  It is a form of breathing that people are taught to do when they have emphysema or other breathing disorders.  I can only tell you that if you are doing this in your

2017-01-17 Noise without a name:

If u are snoring in ur sleep,and u are overweight,losing even five pounds can help lesson this .A snore is a snore.I suggest you sleep on 2 pillows always to help the gag reflex.A snore occurs when the

2015-10-04 Possible COPD:

Pneumonia and since it was caught due to hypoxia is a sign that she most probably is getting the copd.  She still needs and should have the test.  When doctors just say her lungs are clear, maybe now the

2015-10-02 Possible COPD:

Unfortunately a smoker is about 80% sure he or she will get copd.  Which is just another way saying emphysema.  Most respiratory illnesses are when a person cannot breathe in . With copd they cant breathe

2015-07-14 chronic coughing:

mANY TIMES having a chronic cough or cough that wont go away may be  sign of emphysema.  You need to have a pulmonary function test its a simple test which you blow into a machine.  They then spray a bronchodilator


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