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20 years working in a childrens hospital. Clinical Educator.




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RRT-NPS, AHA Training center faculty

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2014-03-25 Cold and Cough and Adenoid Problem in Child:

Kalyan,    Unfortunately the problem will not go away with age. And no sprays are going to help with the issue. Oral steroids could help in the short term but will not help a lot either. Plus using steroids

2013-08-27 Vibration on left lung:

Depending on how bad the infection was there could be some scarring in the lung. It might take a while for that to clear up but you should have nothing to worry about, it could take up to a year before

2013-08-20 Pulse ox:

There is nothing to be concerned with. Really anything in the 90's is fine. Normal healty people will flucuate depending on what's going on. If you were to check her while she is sleeping it would be in

2012-12-17 Venturi Mask Settings:

Any Venturi is based off of 100% oxygen and the set flow going into it. So in your example you must have 12 lpm of 100% oxygen going into the venturi to get 50%. Any less flow and your concentration will

2012-07-05 breathing problem:

You could try asking your co-workers if they could avoid using perfume or limit the amount they use. Or like I said before get some pills and nasal spray to help with it. The perfumes are cases an allergic


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