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All types of surgical procedures as they relate to diagnosis. Alternatives to surgery, post-operative care, prevention, step by step pre-operative guidelines to follow to prevent surgery, complications and how to treat them, quality referrals to surgeons when necessary. Education on how to avoid surgery.

Experience in the area

Worked in Level 1 trauma center (Olympia Fields Osteopathic Hospital) Practice spinal disorders for over 15 years. Successfully treat spinal trauma non-invasive when possible


American Association of Spine Physicians ICS/ACA/AOPA/Presidential Cabinet Member NUHS


Several columns in newspapers and medical journals such as JMPT


B.S./D.C. Board Certified AMA impairment ratings Medical Director Life extension Laser PHI THETA KAPPA

Awards and Honors

Chiropractor of the year/who's who in America

Past/Present Clients

Many Chicago Bulls Athletes

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Recent Answers from Dr. Timothy K. Durnin

2009-08-01 Spine Surgery:

Hi Ali,    Low back surgery rarely is indicated since the avant of flexion/distraction and spinal decompression. Surgery inevitably fails due to proliferation of scar tissue and needs to be repeated with

2008-11-01 Spinal fusion,Decompresion cage:

Hi Carmen,    Spinal surgery rarely if ever works out to the patients benefit in the long run due to cascading disc herniations above the fusion as well as relentless scar tissue proliferation. Outcome

2008-10-06 Broken fusion rod:

Mark,    surgery is always the last resort because it never works out, it should be outlawed. Find another doctor, this guy sounds like a real tool. If the rod displaces through the skin, the instability

2008-10-05 Surgery:

Lisa,    You absolutely do not need surgery. They never work and cause irrepirable damage from scar tissue proliferation down the road. The Gold standard is flrxion/distration.    Here is what is is..

2007-12-13 cavernous hemangioma:

Hi Pat, either way you look at it, surgery is risky, continue watching it and if it becomes inevitable, ask around, I suspect where you are going is one of the top areas for this condition. As with the


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