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WILL ANSWER: .NET Framework, WinForms, Windows Mobile, XML, SQL Server, T-SQL, Database related, Databinding, collections, Grid, DevExpress Framework, Web based, HTTP, IIS, ASP.NET anything web-related

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Been software developer for 10+ years. Worked on various large business applications (Warehousing + Distribution, Financial, Healthcare). Worked on Mobile development (Proof of Delivery, Consumer based Infotainment application, Web based apps). Never stopped programming all these years. Worked on embedded, small, medium and large scale databases. Even in leisure time am reading computer related magazines. Have been a visiting professor at educational institutes teaching corporate and college students alike. Held Systems Analyst, Technical R&D member positions as well.


Speaker at Planet PDA on topic “Developing Apps for the Pocket PC” Seminar at Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ on topic “Wireless LAN and Wireless Software applications”


Bachelors Degree in Engineering Electronics and Telecommunications Mobile Cellular Systems Satellite Communications

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Brainbench certifications: (Microsoft.NET, Java 1, Oracle, Network Technical National Center for Software Technology: D-Level (software engineering exam)

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2013-03-05 client side and server side communication:

I recommend for your client side use HTML/Javascript/CSS technologies. There is a very popular framework for this stack called JQuery. It is very dynamic and perfect for your scenario. See Jquery.org.

2013-03-04 about listvidw control:

ListView is a powerful control.    Simple example from http://visualbasic.w3computing.com/vb2008/4/vb-listview-sample-project.php  Dim LItem As New ListViewItem()  LItem.Text = "Alfred's Futterkiste"

2013-02-21 PDF viewing related question:

Two part answer:    1) See StreamReader .NET API in the IO namespace. You can use that to read the file on the local client machine    2) Create your own or get a third party PDF Viewer. See example: >>

2013-02-14 Write on disk sector:

Hi Shay,    I don't think in VB.NET managed API. You will have to look for unmanaged API (like C++ or similar and check the Win32 API library).    On the flip side you can maybe do it some other way what

2012-07-13 help needed in GPS code:

You say "Windows Mobile". The Microsoft OS provides you with some hooks. Main idea is to load the SDK and then look at the GPS samples.    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms881362.aspx    If you


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