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2015-10-30 VB.Net and Databases:

I am assuming you are using Datatables here and you are want to add a row to that datatable      ''Create a row object   Dim rowNewRowL As DataRow     ''assign it to your data table, this will give your

2015-03-26 Import/Export Excel to SQL Server:

Here is some code I use all the time to bulk insert data to SQL Server, which will insert all the data in a VB.NET datatable into an SQL server table.     The things to note     1) The VB.NET datatable

2015-02-12 geting the path of the selected folder:

Sounds like you are attempting to get the path from a form application that is executed by a right click in the folder?      If that is the case then the code you provided will only give you the path of

2014-10-22 update query in ms access from vb.net:

I will need some additional information.    1) These two tables have many rows in them, and you are trying to update every row, in the manner stated in your question is that correct?     2) When you say


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