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Syed Rizwan Muhammad Rizvi


I can answers questions regarding web based and desktop based programming in VB.Net. Which can include SOAP, XML, Custom Controls, COM Interoperability etc.

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Have been working in this specific area for last 2 years previously I was a VB 6 Developer with experties in other languages as well. Total 10 years of programming experience.

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mohan j08/28/151010Sir, Please provide some reference links that .....
mohan J01/05/15hi thanks for all your replies which .....
Hemendar09/03/14101010Thank You Very Much
hemendar08/27/14101010Thank you very much

Recent Answers from Syed Rizwan Muhammad Rizvi

2015-04-19 POS printer from remote web application in

Joe,    Just imagine where the code is running. The code is running on the server, hence it's trying to detect the printer on the server. If your printing is done on a LAN you may look into this: http://stackoverflow

2014-03-25 Timer Control:

Laurie,    I don't understand why you have to change difficulty half way through the game. You can stop the game when a level completes and start again with a new level of difficulties.    What problems

2014-01-24 How Can I save a form that dynamically as formname.vb:

Why do you want to generate .vb forms? why not save your form data as XML instead and load it in your designer.    Moreover you can use Codedom to achieve this. More information can be found here: http://msdn

2013-12-16 Product Key:

For this you will have to record you have two ways:    1. Use a centralized internet database to store used keys.  2. Generate your key using machine ids or windows install id which is unique for each

2013-07-17 Getting conflict data, comparing tables:

I cant help you with the logic as this would require that I run your app and perform debugging. I can assist you if you are getting any errors in the code or if the results are not showing up as expected


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