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Murat Mehmet


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I can help with questions about desktop and web programming in C#, including SOAP, XML, database managing, custom controls, security etc.

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I have been developing web and especially desktop applications in C# and VB.Net for almost 5 years. My programming life has begun with VB6 long time ago, so its about 8 years that I am in this business.


Was in R & D for 2 years in a popular Turkish technology website: cyber-warrior.com


2011 Computer Engineering graduation in University of Trakia in Turkey.

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Hi there,    Yes, today you can develop many things with c#, including operating systems, <a href=" http://www

2015-09-30 Insert text box and datagridview input into same table:

Hi there,    Using the following code will set the date field in your database, assuming Col3 is the datetime field:  <code>   nonqueryCommand.CommandText = _          "INSERT  INTO myTable (Col1

2015-06-20 To improve sql query performance:

Hi back,    It's a known issue that ROW_NUMBER() is very slow on large tables like yours. However I'm not sure why there is a huge duration difference between local and server. Please try calling the sql

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Hi there,    You probably fetch all rows and then filter the content you want. You need to optimize your sql code to fetch from server only the rows you need. When listing contents be sure you are using

2015-04-11 Upload File on server:

Hi back,    I have no idea about hsslink lib. I do not understand what you are really trying to do.     Your problem is on client side or server side?    Check <a href=" http://asp.net-tutorials.com/controls/file-upload-control/">this


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