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You`re thinking of hiking the infamous Appalachian Trail and now you`d like to get the important information on everything and anything from someone who`s actually done it. I completed my hike October 8th, 1999 taking a total of 5 months and 8 days. I can help you by giving constructive feedback on gear, trip cost, people, and general expectations.

What do you like about this subject?

It was the neatest trip I've ever embarked upon and I love to encourage people to venture out for the experience.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hoope to continue in some outdoor adventures in the future as money/life permits. It will not become the defining point of my life, but I certainly welcome how it enriches me with new experiences.

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On average your feet will expand by 1/2 size over the length of the trip. Avg time of trip: 6 months Only 10% or so of people who start the AT will finish. If you're starting with pack weight hovering around 40 lbs or less, you're doing really well. If you're starting above 45 lbs, better consult some AT hikers to make your first few days more bearable.

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Purist: someone who hikes every inch of the trail. And to accomplish this may back track several miles around detours and never take short cuts to save milage. Some purist will go as far as saying that unles you hike every inch of the trail you're not a "thr-hiker." I take that philiosphy as a whole but understand situations sometimes dictate skipping a mile or 3 every so often depending on co

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sanjesh rao07/06/09101010Thanks Matt, I stuck to the Hobitat .....
Tim06/26/09101010Thanks. The Feedback is much appreciated.
Beth02/04/09101010Thanks for your response
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Recent Answers from Matt Wertman

2012-11-07 Florida tent:

I'm sorry to say, I'm not sure that tent is avail unless you want to go a little less traditional.  And by less traditional, I mean tarp camping.  Done right a good tarp set up right will keep you dry

2012-08-01 Isolation Backpacking:

Getting away from dayhikers is well, pretty hard.  However here are some thoughts.  I'm not sure 'I'll be the best source since I know mostly the AT.  But here are thoughts.      Hundred Mile wilderness

2011-10-29 2 or 3 man with closable vents:

Sorry for the delay,    It go lost among other emails.    Wow, good question.  On my hike, I mostly stayed in shelters, but from my expierence, there's really no such thing as a tent that vents well.

2010-09-13 hiking distances on map:

Sorry for my late response, having a baby throws a few things off. But right off the bat, I am not a map expert.  Except to say if you're using a topo map, you certainly will be correct.  Measuring peak

2009-06-30 Camping Tent: Confusion:

I'd say you're fine no matter what.  Dome tent's are great cause hey stand alone.  If this isn't being put into a back pack, no worries. Bt if you'll hike with it, weight is key.  If one model has a 2nd


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