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I spend time and effort in hiking and climbing activities, including learning new methods and locations.

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Working in the application of technology to medical products. Experience includes 20+ years in product marketing and strategic planning, of which 8 years was in Europe providing strategic and tactical support to European and Asian markets and 3 years in managing distribution channels outside North America. Since 1973, a hiking and climbing enthusiast with a wide range of hiking and climbing experience in the eastern US and Europe.Since 1970, a Christian who takes his faith seriously. BS in Electrical Engineering with a concentration on biomedical applications; graduate work in engineering and business; Greek language study; fluent in English (native) and German. New England 4000-footer Club, numerous hikes and climbs (Appalachias; German, Austrian, Swiss, and Italian Alps; US desert southwest).


See directionalhealthcare.com for professional background, including publications.


Undergraduate training in engineering and graduate training in engineering, business, and theology.

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Kee02/14/14101010Thanks so much, I was really curious .....

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2014-02-12 Mountain Climbing:

The "thing" you are describing is the anchor.  There are various kinds of anchors and various structures that can serve as the anchor.      On popular climbing routes, a ring is driven into the rock at

2012-09-10 Telling others where you're going before you hike?:

Hi Nick,    The short answer is that you should tell someone of your plans.  I do not know a better alternative.    Fines from Search and Rescue authorities vary with region and authority.  Some charge

2012-08-22 Night hiking up a mountain trail?:

Hi NIck,    Having not done too much hiking in Utah, though some, I only know the area in general and it tends to be rugged.  However, as you describe Olympus, coming down after sun-up may not be so bas

2012-08-21 Night hiking up a mountain trail?:

Hi Nick,    Not sure where you are located or I could suggest specific hikes.      I have hiked in the southwest, in rattlesnake country, at night without trouble.  It is typically too cold at night for

2011-05-23 where to go backpacking near rehoboth beach delaware:

The best suggestion I can make is to head west.  It will be quite a drive from Rehoboth Beach but the Appalachian Trail (AT) is within reach.  Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, is just west of Frederick,


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