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I can answer most questions on equipment for outdoor activities such as walking, mountain biking, rock climbing and paragliding, in the UK. I`ve limited watersports experience so you`d be better off asking someone else these questions. Questions about the above activities themselves as well as about the equipment will also be answered as I`ve got several contacts who can pass on information. I`m a keen walker/mountainbiker/rock climber/paraglider pilot in the UK. I`ve been doing outdoor sports for about 15 years including trips to the French Alps and Trekking in the Nepalese and the Indian Himalayas. I`ve been buying and making outdoor clothing and equipment for about the same amount of time.

Experience in the area

Waking up at the foot of Annapurna South is something I won't forget. I would say that my first paraglider flight was unforgettable but every flight since seems to have been more unforgettable.

What do you like about this subject?

The outdoors is the best place to go to get away from it all, unless of course you work in the outdoors, but even then its still a pretty good place to go.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I'd like to do the Annapurna circuit, not only because of the scenery and the sheer challenge but also because the people in Nepal are so friendly. I'd also like to go paragliding in the French/Swiss Alps [I've now completed this task with a 2+ hour flight round and over the lake at Annecy in August 2003]. Which I do first I don't know. (Obvious

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Paragliding: More people die fishing each year than do paragliding. Trekking: Leeches can be removed from boots, clothes and you using a small piece of cloth tied in a ball with normal table salt in it attached to the end of a stick. Remember to pack the following: A film canister for salt, a hanky or other patch of cloth and some chord or string. Get the stick locally.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Too many people enjoying the remote areas of the planet makes them less remote! And If people want to go outdoors to get away from it all, why do they take it all with them (TV, mobile phone etc) The same goes for building huge hotels and tourist resorts in "beauty spots". Kind of spoils it all.

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2015-08-13 Shell pants:

Its been a while since I've bought shell pants and even longer since I was trekking in the Himalayas but from memory it was too hot to wear 2 layers.  However this will depend on how high you're going

2012-06-05 Children and leeches:

Whether wellies are better or not will depend on the type of paths you'll be walking on.  Leeches tend to hang of branches and leaves to give them a head start up your legs as you walk past.  If you are

2010-12-30 Repair hiking boot:

Jerry  Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.  We're expecting a child so its been all hands on deck since before Christmas.    RE your boots.  I've tried several different types of "domestic" adhesive

2010-07-17 4-season vs. 3-season, tents:

depends on your tent.  Winter tents may have specialist design (eg snow flaps and no fly nets) to increase insulation in the cold.  With limited ventilation they'll become stifling in the summer.  A compromise

2010-07-13 French Alps backpacking:

I've never hung my food when camping in europe  Problem animals:  1 Cows and worse than that cows with bells.  Although these were only a problem when camping rough and they investigated our tent at 4am


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