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I can answer questions on Sequence analysis, Study materials. I cannot answer questions on Careers.

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Hardcore wetlab experts still don't believe in Bioinformatics based results.

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2016-07-11 Important major:

Dear Hiam,  Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) is a component of Bioinformatics course. Computational Science deals with the algorithms in Bioinformatics. You haven't mentioned about your basic degree.

2015-10-10 Leukemia - Blood Cancer.:

Cancer is actually a very complex disease. There are lot of reasons for cancer. You name it. It can be correlated to cancer. That's why I told its complex. There are some cancer that are correlated with

2014-12-20 Human Body Temperature.:

Dear Prashant,  The room temperature will obviously be same but the individuals are different. Body temperature are of two types. One the core and the other the surface. There is always a difference in

2013-05-28 Matrix allignment question:

Dear Jan,  Actually different people use different method to explain the concept. The thing you are doing is actually focusing at one particular stage. But is should not be calculated like that. You have

2013-02-28 Water Affinity.:

Dear Prashant,  Your knowledge on genetics is right but your son's affinity to water cannot correlated to the genetic factor. And cold is with the poor immunity and dust.     As I said earlier it is a


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