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Sridhar Acharya Malkaram


Sequence and Structural Analysis, Next generation sequencing, Illumina, SOLiD, CHiP-sequencing, RNA sequencing, miRNA sequencing analysis, Molecular Dynamics, Protein and Nucleic acid simulations, computational methods, Bioinformatics tools, Biological Databases, Search techniques, Protein comparative modelling, Mutation analysis

Experience in the area

about fifteen (15) years


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Master of Science in Biotechnology Ph.D in computational Biology

What do you like about this subject?

The immense potential of computational biology to address the questions in molecular biology ranging from single gene level to system's biology

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

System's biology research

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behzad04/16/161010thank you Sridhar :) it wasn't my .....
Tony09/15/151010Thanks Sridhar.

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2017-03-15 Next Generation Seq:

Sharah,      1. GATK (Genome Analysis Tool Kit) provides a good guidelines for filtering variants. For sufficiently large dataset you can use the VQSR  for filtering (

2016-10-20 human genome data set:

Genes are represented by various identifiers in different databases. You can get a list of genes  (hgnc gene symbols) from NCBI gene database ( with a search term like

2016-10-19 human genome data set:

Behzad,    You can get human genome data from NCBI ( From there either you can download individual chromosome fasta files.  As far as I know there is no

2016-07-11 Important major:

I think it is not right to ask which is more important among the two. Both are different domains and important by themselves. Computational science is like basic sciences, dealing with more fundamental

2016-07-08 Choosing a suitable major:

Hi Rayan,    All these are related to computer based studies, but they differ in the scope of science that is done.  Computer-aided drug design deals with molecular modeling, in-silico drug-discovery and


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