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Why is there so much drug abuse, violence and self destructive behavior among pre-teens and teenagers? What can I do to keep my family safe? What can politicians, community members, neighbors and the religious community do to keep my city safe?

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mazin12/12/09101010Thank you very much

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2013-04-25 felon at public works:

Hi Tim,  I, too, would be concerned!  However, there are some unanswered questions.  Did he serve time for stealing on his last job or do you think he might be stealing on the job now?    Everyone deserves

2013-04-20 hostile librarian:

Hi Gwen,  Not easy to stay cool, calm and collected when you feel ignored and accosted.  My first thought is to go over her head and complain but you may not get the desired change you want is

2013-04-13 loyality:

Hello Ahmed,  The dictionary defines "loyal" as, "Faithful in allegiance to one's lawful country." This is my perspective as it relates to public safety.      I believe that everyone has a responsibility

2012-12-27 Was I wrong to let a stranger's five-year-old son see me naked?:

Hi Chelsea,  Sorry for the delay in getting this to you but I changed my email and just received your letter today.      This is a bit out of my safety range of questions but I will try to answer your

2012-06-18 Child Labour:

To Harsh,  I just got this email.  Sorry I did not have a chance to reply before your deadline.  I hope you had a good debate but I think both the government and the parents are responsible. The government


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