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Basic questions about fire/arson investigation. Please don`t ask me how to start fires or make a bomb!

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i have degrees in fire protection technology and fire investigation.
advanced fire investigation certificate.


associates in applied science in both fire protection technology and fire investigation technology

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valedictroian of fire academy class 1993.

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Wayne11/11/10101010I was disappointed by the answer, but .....

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2015-09-07 burned body:

there is alot of variables here.  how big the body is?? i.e. a small child or a 250# adult    what temperature? 300 deg? 2000 deg?  hotter???i know who would know this answer. someone who cremates bodies

2011-06-25 Car Fire:

"The fault was determined to be faulty outlet by the insurance investigators"    what kind of outlet???    where the fire started is a very complex determination. who told you the fire started there?

2010-11-10 Understanding Fires in Heavy Equipment:

No I've never seen a text specifically about  Investigating large vehicle fires  Or even about vehicle fires   In general. The theory us the same  As investigating structural fires  1 fire point of origin(s)

2010-09-27 Car fire:

what do you mean by "getting the vehicle inspected"? you mean have a fire investigator look at it? was the vehicle insured? if so, the insurance company will most likely try to subrogate the claim to the

2010-08-02 Is there any history of cyrstals causing fires?:

i really doubt it. soemthing that is glass like that which is DESIGNED  to focus light (like binoculars, telescope, magnifying glass,etc) i can see but a crystal i really doubt. conditions would have to


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