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I can answer questions about managing digital images/files, naming conventions, and using software packages to organize them for viewing. I can also help with questions about scanning photos, negatives or slides. I can address use of Picasa and Photoshop Elements programs.

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Personal experience gained over last ten years, and in the previous thirty years in 35mm film use. I have scanned and organized thousands of images for my family.


BS in engineering; MS in digital mapping

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2016-01-22 Pictures on Desktop:

This is very easy. Select the 842 JPG files and move (drag) them into some other folder, anywhere on your computer. You can do this with about 3-4 keystrokes.    I don't want to type a long awswer, esp

2013-09-30 Picasa 3:

I can help you, but first I need more information.    First, I want to make sure I know what you mean by "Picasa albums".  Do you mean the albums shown at the top of your library (main) view, above the

2013-03-09 digital media downloads:

Not sure I can help you.  I use Picasa for organizing all my pictures (about 30,000 so far) and for light editing tasks (cropping, red-eye removal, color correction, etc.).  It does these things very well

2012-04-05 Digital camera:

Ahhh...that does clear it up.  Sort of...  As I said before, almost all modern digital cameras allow you to transfer pictures either through a cable to the computer, or you can physically take the media

2012-04-04 Digital camera: sort of have me stumped.  If I understand your question, the ability to transfer pictures from a camera to a computer is not a function of the camera.  I believe all modern digital cameras allow


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