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Any questions about database Ingres (owned by Computer Associates then Ingres Corp) : - Ingres 6.4 - OpenINGRES from 1.0 to 2.0 - IngresII from 2.0 to 2.6 - Ingres R3, Ingres 2006 (Open Source version) - Ingres 9.x, Ingres 10.x - All tool around Ingres : ABF, Report Writer, Replicator, OpenROAD (3.5 to 2006), Ingres/NET Ingres/STAR, ...

Experience in the area

16 years of computing experience as :
- AS400 programmer
- AIX / Ingres administrator and developer (OpenROAD and korn shell)
- Ingres DataBase Administrator
- Ingres expert - Data modelisation - ETL - Reporting - Many of Computer Associates sofwares - ITIL / CMDB / Change Management



Computing bachelor (1989)

Past/Present Clients

More than 100 customers during my 6 years of CA has an Ingres consultant, all around France and Africa (Togo, Cameroon, Morrocco, ...)

What do you like about this subject?

Ingres is the (historical) first relation database and since more than 30 year's help more and more customers. It just fall to open source few years ago and it's a fantastic chalenge to go thru to help this product to be more understood and better use people.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Helping the Ingres community.

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Eric03/17/15101010Thank you Jean-Pierre! Your help was exactly .....
Oscar Carles06/11/13Hi, thanks for your follow up. Contrasting .....
Michael Eustace01/19/12101010the alternative is good for my purposes .....
Michael Eustace01/19/12101010I am sorry but did not explain .....
Poul09/09/11101010Hi Jean, Thank a lot for your .....

Recent Answers from Jean-Pierre Zuate

2015-06-24 ingres visual dba:

Hello Paula,     Sorry but it's look like outside my expertise.     The Ranson Virus is on the server or client?     If your server is on Windows I think you've lost all your data until you kill that virus

2015-03-07 Ingres table Ownership:

Hello Eric,    Quick reply :-)    When database become inconsistant advice is :  Unloaddb (to unload data)   Destroydb   Createdb (to reload data)    For your permission issue

2013-05-28 Ingres 6.4 star on SCO vs Ingres 10S on linux:

Hello,    I'm so sorry but after a deep search in forums, support and source code (9.2) I found nothing relevant.    It suppose it's a compatibility issue :  I understand your Ingres 6.4 Star configuration

2012-10-09 problem with ingres10 (tcb busy):

Hello,    A quick search give me an escalation issue.    During transaction rollback, lock escalation occurs and fail.  Lock escalation must not occur during tx rollback.    Try to increase maxlocks (in

2012-01-19 Ingres equivalent to Oracle Spool cmd:

OK.    What I do when I need statements such as the one you say, I do the following (in Unix shell, but it can work the same way on windows) :  echo "select concat(concat('modify ',trim(index_name)),'


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