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Master Sam Frazier 5th DAN


Martial Arts training and instruction. Chief Financial Officer of United States Tang Soo Do, Inc. President, Chief Executive Officer and Grand Master of World Martial Arts Testing Authority, Inc. United States Tang Soo Do headquarters in San Diego, California. Headquarters for World MATA in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Corporately owned schools in Lakeside, La Mesa and San Diego, California and in Colorado Springs Colorado. World MATA independent member schools are world wide. Mr. Frazier personally conducts Black Belt examinations worldwide with his partner Grand Master Bonnie Welch. Black Belts of all styles are admitted to World MATA. Black Belt training and testing to Grand Master level. Contact Grand Master Sam Frazier or Grand Master Bonnie Welch via the websites. Master Frazier is a practicing trial lawyer and actively teaches at all schools and conducts Black Belt testings world wide. Master Frazier is Corporate Counsel for United States Tang Soo Do, Inc and World MATA, Inc. and has represented martial arts schools his entire practice.

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2015-02-21 SAI:

Alex. Great question and most commonly misunderstood in California. This is NOT legal advice because it is a general question. I need to review all of the facts surrounding your specific circumstances

2013-01-28 No retreat:

Gus,  Thank you for your question. Forgive my tardy reply. My Mom went into Hospice and passed.  Your question is a super question and deserves a thoughtful answer.    You got your start from a very fine

2012-10-10 Grandmasters Teaching:

Randy,  Great question. I assumed that leadership role as the head of our organization after the death of my Grand Master. I can not speak for others but my Grand Master taught all classes at the World

2012-07-08 Dan grade meanings:

Dear David,  Please let me apologize for the delay in responding to your question.  I was not aware it had been sent until I received notice from All Experts and I'm seeing your question for the very first

2012-06-14 California Sword Laws:

Hi Jazmin,  Sorry for the delay in answering this question.  I just got a notice from AllExperts that it was here and I did not pick up on it to my e-mail address.    This is a good question and I have


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