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I have trained in the martial arts for nearly 40 years in many aspect of weapon/weaponless techniques. I been in and out of the schools of Boxing Karate and Kung-fu. My system of fighting is called Bokafu. By many I`m considered to be a master teacher but in reality I am a MASTER STUDENT.I am here to teach as well as learn Osu.

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Tricia01/06/11101010thank you
Sosuke11/15/06101010I see. Thank you for clearing that .....

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2011-01-03 instructor certification question:

Osu! Konnichiwa (This is Hello in Japanese)       Thank you for honoring me with your question. For I am more or less a Japanese stylist. From what I conceive your question is not one of system or style

2008-09-01 how to?:

Hi or Konnichiwa this is hello in Japanese.       Karate is not really a form of fighting as you see to be, It is  not a self-defense even thu it is used for self-defense. In actuality it is the art of

2007-09-03 Help me please:

Osu Thank you for honoring me with your question. It is very simple practice against what you fear most someone up in your face requires you to know in-house or close quarter techniques. Against Taekwondo

2007-06-27 kyokushin karate:

Osu John-san        Thank you for honoring me with your question. kumite takes your fighting skills to the next level. Not the style,  whether you are practice fighting with grandma or grandpa as long

2007-05-31 martial arts traditions:

Hi Lauren     Thank you for honoring me with your question.   First it is all about commercialism. If one trains in the arts from the traditional sense. 80% of it is very boring if one is looking for a


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