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If you have a question about shotokan karate I will gladly try to help.

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2011-06-20 self-defense:

Hmmmm.... Such a difficult but interesting question.  Judo would give someone a better knowledge of surviving a struggle on the ground.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu also would but would include some nice 'nasty

2010-12-27 shotokan backstance:

Interesting question.  The 70/30 back stance seen in Shotokan is probably rooted in the influence of Masters Funakoshi and later Nakayama and the standardization of kata movements that the JKA pushed in

2010-02-07 Hip rotation:

Tareq,     In many Karate techniques the power does come from the rotation of the hips. To understand it, try swinging a baseball bat without allowing your hips to rotate.  You can't generate power.  In

2009-09-09 jump in heian godam:

Hello Sir,    I am pleased that you're enjoying Karate at your age.  Many people enjoy Karate into old age but not many people take it up later in life, so you're doing a great job in my opinion if you're

2008-12-15 kata:

If you are a 4th kyu or higher (i.e. you have learned Heian Godan) then it could be any.  If you are a 5th kyu, anything up to Heian Yondan. 6th kyu, anything up to Heian Sandan, etc etc. So you won't


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