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Certified Yudansha with Mas Oyama`s Kyokushin and branch chief instructor from 1969-1975. Soshin of Mushin Karate-Do 1975. Regional Director with Renmei Budokai, 1977-1986. More than 40 years teaching, training, and competing experience.

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Have Trained more than 10,000 people and over thirty black belts

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2016-02-20 Karate:

Use the speed bag that is tethered top and bottom with bungee cords so it moves.  sometimes two bags, one higher than the other work well.  Practice circling the bags both clockwise and counter clockwise

2016-02-17 Karate:

Generally you should work twice the time on speed training as on weight or strength training.  For strength, I'd recommend that you Google the traditional tools, including Iron Geta (which are tradition

2013-08-28 how to train like a true budoka:

First let me apologize for not responding to you sooner.  I received an email from AllExperts explaining that questions sometimes don't actually get sent to the experts.  Today is the first day I saw your

2012-09-17 regarding the way of practise:

The question I think you are asking relates to the part of kata teaching and learning called "bunkai" in Japanese.  This is the instruction that teaches a student the "why," or applications of the kata

2011-09-04 claim of 9th dan at 21 years old:

You are correct.  In any legitimate system this would not be possible.  The kyu-dan system generally requires many many years, even to reach fifth dan (godan), considered by many to be mastery level.


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