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My area of interest and expertise is in the research and reconstruction of the applications, principles and training methodologies of old style karate and its kata. In this regard I am available to answer questions relating to the history, philosophy, culture, technique and practice of okinawan based karate systems.

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Anthony R. DiFilippo is the owner/director of the Ryukyu Kodokan Dojo and webmaster of Silk Road Enterprises - He has been a student of the martial arts for over thirty five years and holds yudansha grades in Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu and Okinawan Shorin Ryu karate. In 2001, Anthony R. DiFilippo was appointed the Africa Shibucho for the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society and Africa Region Style Head for Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu, under the auspices of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy.



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Bob11/17/101010Great Expert. Very fast and thorough response .....
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2010-11-17 Different Styles:

Hi Bob    I do not know the individuals you have mentioned but have heard of some of them. Mr. Heilman and his wife Anne-Marie Heilman are both well-known and respected martial artists who teach traditional

2010-11-17 Different Styles:

Hi Bob    Thanks for contacting me with your question.    After approximately 40 years in the martial arts (karate) I am of the firm belief that there are no material differences in "styles" after all

2009-10-24 Martial Arts:

Hi James    Ninjutsu is a versitile art with many empty hand and weapons techniques.    When looking for a school, be mindful of the fact that there are only a handful of qualified instructors who are

2009-10-24 Martial Arts:

Dear James    Greetings    It's nice to know that you will be getting back into the martial arts.    As you have said there are many diiferent styles which have been developed or influenced from  Japan

2009-10-10 Technique you used to make me collapse:

Dear Benjamin    It is so very nice that you remembered me. I hope all is well with you.    Please contact me privately and we could catch up.    BTW If I remember the technique, it was a combination wrist


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