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I have 37 years experience in karate. I do not teach any one particular style or a collection of prescribed techniques. No one particular style has anywhere near all the answers. I don't claim to either. I teach a state of open mind, techniques concepts, dynamics and tactics which allow you to look for your own answers. My job is to teach students to switch on and trust their own critical faculties. I teach understanding how to judge what works and why, to utilise, adapt and apply any technique suited from the vast repertoire available from a diverse martial arts world and promote creativity. Students need to be aware of what's needed for defence or offence instinctively. Not slow down the process of response by prescribing movement for possible use. A prescribed action alone is not enough. We must learn to be aware of probable actions taking place quicker than you could think the action out. Students must fully understand exactly what the purpose of the action is for, when and why. I work on a system by which we can initiate a stimulant for an efficient movement. A needed response i.e. catch, throw, evade, resist, parry, strike. Of which the body already has inherent patterns for those purposes. You canít slow down or alter this system to get a better "karate effect". We have built into our mindset a trial and error self correcting attitude. Karate can not redefine movement for its own purpose or style.


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6th Dan Karate-jutsu. Chief Instructor of my own small members only organisation. Website link www.uk-karate.com

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2010-06-30 bunkai/grappling in karate:

http://www.koryu-uchinadi.com/    My friend and one of my teachers, Patrick McCarthy, he is an expert on Kata and Karate styles. Check him out.    Karate-jutsu is a general term, for me it is what I do

2010-06-30 bunkai/grappling in karate:

hi Niel,    Research is the key!!!!! Do more research, Funakoshi was doing Okinawan-te when he went to Japan. Shotokan evolved much later. There are no secrets or magic in Karate very true. Except that

2010-04-22 karate:

Hi Peter,    My advise is based on my experience only. I studied Shotokan for 25 years to 4th Dan JKA. It's a style, it is confined to the movements and philosophies of Shotokan. I have also studied some

2010-04-12 gkr karate:

Hi Linda,    An interesting question but it is a little subjective..................    There are many facts and opinions negative and positive regarding GKR. I am aware of negative situations reference

2009-10-30 Kyokushin:

Please don't box me into a corner. You don't need me to answer questions you already know the answers to. Sport Karate is "termed non contact" Kick boxing with pads etc is "termed semi contact" Full contact


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