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John Izzo, NASM-CPT, PES


"I can help answer any questions related to muscle development, muscle activation, fat loss, core strength, proper warm-up, and exercise progression and execution. Most answers can be found on my website:

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John is a certified personal trainer for over 10 years, having trained over 500 different individuals in that time. Also in that time, he has served as a manager and fitness director for 3 years. He is nationally certified through NASM, ACE, and NESTA as a personal trainer and holds a bachelor's degree in public health. Today, John trains general population clients consisting of golfers, weekend warriors, and mothers. He also teaches and lectures around the state of CT on the personal training field, exercise, and fitness business. He is the author of "Secret Skills of Personal Training" (available at, and has co-authored the "Foundations of Personal Training", available at John's articles have been featured in Fitness Management publication,,,,, and


National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) American Council on Exercise (ACE)


Personal Ttaining on the Net NASM Intro to Personal Training (softcover) Secret Skills of Personal Training (softcover)


Bachelors Degree in Public Health Promotion from SCSU, New Haven, CT - 2000

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Recent Answers from John Izzo, NASM-CPT, PES

2010-09-01 goblet squat:

I love the goblet squat. But, the 25 lb. DB may be too much for you. When you go into a squat position, your elbows should not touch your thighs. If they do or graze the thighs, it means your spine is

2009-03-05 Workout Frequency:

Your routine seems fine to start off with. Every other day is adequate, as long as you give your body a day to rest and recover. Make sure you use weights that "challenge" you and you are able to control

2009-03-04 Core Training:

The "core" is made up of the "inside" muscles within your torso and pelvis. Your lower back, abs, and muscles surrounding your spine make up the core. If you strengthen these muscles from the inside out

2009-03-04 Wanting to gain a good physique quickly:

So you want to go twice a day with the amount of exercises you listed? I think it is overkill and you put yourself at high risk for over-training AND injury. You have high volume and not enough recovery

2009-02-20 I need advice:

Your pecs are soft because there is fat around them. Begin a jogging/walking program first. Try to get outside or on a treadmill 5x a week and complete 30 minutes. Also, watch what you eat. Stay away from


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