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I am a personal trainer/boot camp instructor in SouthEast Florida. I am certified in: personal training,aerobics,nutrition,womens,senior,youth and boot camp fitness.I can answer questions about workouts,sets and reps,pyramid training,drop sets,etc.I can tell you what to look for when planning to join a gym. Please do not ask me to design a weight training program for you thru this forum.If you want me to design a program for you--please sign up for online personal training:

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I have been a personal trainer,aerobics instructor,nutrition advisor and boot camp instructor for several years,in South Florida.
I generally prefer to train people outdoors in a park setting.The workout outside is just as tough as a gym workout.I can give people a excellent workout using just their bodyweight.I do a bootcamp style class with groups of 5-10 people.


Certified: Personal Trainer Aerobics Instructor Indoor Cycling Nutrition Advisor

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Showing people that they can get fit in only a few hours a week.

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