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I can answer nearly every question pertaining to prevention of sexual harassment, definitions of sexual harassment, workplace harassment inside and outside of the workplace, quid pro quo harassment, hostile working environment, reporting procedures and responsibilities, how to recognize and respond/report to sexually based inappropriate comments.

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Diversity, EEO Officer and Investigator for Johns Hopkins Hospital EEO Compliance Manager for Fortune 300 Corporation Deputy Director for Equal Opportunity for Department of Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute


Board of Directors, National Council for Support of Disability Issues Board of Directors, Institute for MultiTrack Diplomacy


Guest expert on over 45 radio stations nationwide discussing the subject "Hot Buttons in the Workplace; sexual harassment" Do you know the limitations?


Doctor of Education Master of Science in Leadership & Business Ethics Master of Arts in Educaiton Florida and Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediator Department of Defense Certified Mediator EEOC Certified Investigator

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2013-11-15 Sexual Harassment:

Riley,    I am not sure how the law is sructured in Ontario but in the USA sexual harassment is unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that affects employment.  Otherwise it would either be harassment or

2013-10-28 sexual harrasment in a call center:

If you are a full time employee and the company has over 15 people employed, you are covered by EEOC regulations.  The company, regardless of its customer service resonsibilities such as a call center

2013-07-24 Sexual harassment:

Hi Jason,    Sorry for the delay but all experts just forwarded this to me.  What I would do first is to contact the EEOC Regional Offie in your area. Even though I have worked with the EEOC on many cases

2013-04-22 When a teacher likes his student?:

Hi Kevin,    It really depends on the college/university policy on fraternization.  Some schools allow this but many do not and it depends on the enforcement of that policy as well.  You mention that the

2013-03-13 Sexual Harassment:    The website above gives you all you need to initiate a discrimination complaint.  I recommend using the Texas commission


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