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I can not think of a question that would be beyond my experience. I have interviewed and worked directly with hundreds of women to overcome issues in both masturbation and sexual intercourse. My techniques that I advise are proven to work and can change a woman’s whole experience with orgasms. I work directly with women one on one to help them work through their questions and frustrations. As a sex therapist I draw the line at intercourse with my clients, but women feel comfortable with me working with them one and one because they know there will be boundaries

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Since all males think they have all the answers I want to be accurate here- I have studied and interviewed several hundred women to get the knowledge to help in most every situation. Most of the help is with orgasms and how to achieve them with or without stimulation other than a penis. My research shows that most women have some mental and physical blocks that just need opening up to understand what is going on down there. Some need stimulation from fingers or toys and many may start that way but progress to not needing outside stimulation at all. The goal for many women is to have an excellent orgasm with just intercourse. This is not always possible and hence women get frustrated. I have a lot of experience with working with women to get through barriers and try different techniques. I have made huge progress with most every client. It changes their lives.


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I published an article about 10 years ago


I am a college graduate. I have made it a hobby of sorts for over 35 years. So many women are frustrated with their orgasms and many never know how intense a really good one everyday can be. I know what I am talking about and you will see it in my answers. I make sense out it all.

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No awards except positive feedback

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I have such a long list of clients that I would take up this page.

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2014-04-27 Orgasm?:

I prefer to send mail back and forth on private.    Please tell me your age as that will help a little.  Also tell me a little more of what you are doing and thinking about.  Just remember that your brain

2012-04-23 Only being able to orgasm on my own:

Hi Maye,    I will make a few comments but reply on PRIVATE when you reply back and then I will go into more details,    You are among many women who experience this.  The reason? Clitoris stimulation

2012-04-11 clitoris erection:

Hi Nadeem,    I do not know the answer about the clitoris at night and being erect.  Tell me about yours and how it reacts and what it is like when you are excited.    Some women masturbate each day and

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Hi Shannon,    Write back on private but her is some comments    It sounds to me like you are having an orgasm. I am not sure yet but it sure sounds like you and and that it feels good.    It will not

2011-09-15 breast massage:

Write back and check "private"    Yes women do reach an orgasm by stimulating their breasts but for sure it is not successful with all women.    Some actually massage their breasts and others stimulate


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