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Bre Darby


Questions regarding how to resolve barn disputes (between you and the manager/you and another rider), how to find a great barn, buying a horse (scams & red flags/age, breeds, etc.), what to look for in a trainer (for either the horse, you, or both) can also be answered here, as well as questions regarding behavior and psychology (how a horse sees and thinks about you and the world). I can answer questions about behavior and how to correct behaviors on the ground and some under saddle. I can also answer questions regarding the English Pleasure & Equitation discipline. Please note: Feel free to ask questions about bits but be aware that I don't support the use of harsh or severe bits and will generally recommend using softer bits on horses. I school in snaffle bits only.

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I have been working with horses for 14 years and have recently started a program for schooling and exercising horses in my area. I have worked with rescues for about 4 years and have started schooling youngsters (2-5 yrs old) as of January of last year. I have worked with a few notable riders in the Southern California area.


I have apprenticed for quite a few different trainers, to include a judge who judged horses at the national level. I learn from my horses, as well as the horses that I am contracted to ride. Future plans: I will be starting a course as a vet tech in August 2013 and will be attending Montana State University next year to obtain a degree in Equine Sciences & Nutrition.

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