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--Rick is a student of the horse. I have over 450 free videos on Youtube about horses. I believe in and practice "Natural Horsemanship". I ride mainly western and don't use or promote spurs, bits, or whips. Reins are only one cue for the horse. Using the entire body helps the horse understand. I define riding as a human and horse working together for the enjoyment of both. Pain and fear should not be part of the equation. If you expect feel good advice, you will be disappointed. 95% of all my answers will include the problem is you and not your horse. About 90% of most answers that I give out are on my web site, so if you read it you will probably answer your own question and may learn a few other things. If you ask me a question that I answer on my site or video I will send your question to the question pool.

Experience in the area

I am an experienced horseman with over 30 years of riding and handling horses. I grew up in Texas around horses and horse people. I have started colts, ridden many horses with behavior issues and worked with problem horses. I believe that most horse problems are normally people problems (lack of understanding of the horse). I believe in and practices natural horsemanship. I have never met a horse that could not be fixed. I believe it is never the horse's fault and with proper handling, all problems can be fixed, if the person handling the horse realizes that they are causing and contributing to the problem. Visit Rick Gore's Horsemanship


I have life long experience in being around and working with horses. Over the years I have watched good horsemen do the right thing and seen the wrong things done with bad results. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

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What do you like about this subject?

Everything is for the horse. Better educated horse people make it better for the horse. Understanding the horse and seeing things from the horse's point of view makes all the difference. A horse needs direction and not correction. Think Like A Horse!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

No one will ever know it all when it comes to the horse. All great horsemen know this. The ones to watch out for are the ones that say they have done it all, seen it all and know it all.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The horse is one of the most powerful animals on the earth. They rarely use this power for anything but survival. They never use that power to be mean or in anger. Horses are America, they have built our railroads, plowed our crops and carried our soldiers to fight our wars.

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Something controversial or provocative about this subject

People don't want to hear they are the problem, they have egos, want to tell you how long they have been around horses, convince themselves and others that it must be the horse's fault. Stop blaming the horse, the horse is not the problem! Would you want someone always pushing you, yelling at you and yanking your head around? Being an educated horseman makes you a better Ambassador for the horse.

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2013-09-11 Horse:

Stop pulling on REINS - watch my videos on riding with ONE rein, a horse can't pull unless it has a rider that is pulling. A rope halters is better than bosal, less care, and more consistent for the horse

2013-07-13 Riding:

You did not read about me, you did not watch my videos, you did not visit my web site, I can't help someone that is just running around asking questions to people they know nothing about.    I don't answer

2012-07-08 double rigged cinch - Saddle rigging:

It is an adjustable type, you can run the cinch in the front one or the rear one or in both, just make sure both sides are the same. Depending on which one you use will determine how far back the cinch

2011-11-24 Which is better?:

I would not know since I can't see you ride. Keeping the reins loose shows better control and more confidence and trust in your horse and makes the horse feel better, but depending on what you are doing

2011-01-09 Mounted patrol:

Ride more, the more you ride the better your balance, the better your confidence, the more the horse will teach you and it will develop strength in your legs, core and body.  Make sure you ride on a loose


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