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Anything about Showing, english style, dress, ringcraft. Difficulties with Arabians, rearing, schooling issues.

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I have over 20 years experience in the showring, and have broken and schooled on all my own horses. I have schooled on many horses that have been classed as difficult to handle, or dangerous to ride. These horses havre gone on to be calm, well mannered, and are successful in showing homes, and as happy hackers.


BHS stage 1 and 2. Experienced in breaking and schooling young horses.

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2014-02-17 Schooling-on the bit:

Hi Nina..sorry for the delay in replying!  Had to get my PC repaired.    I'd say that if he's not got any physical issues, which you have eliminated, then it's just training with this lad.  Sounds like

2013-07-26 issues with a 3yo thoroughbred:

Hi Nikki    He's 3!  Not 13, just a baby. He's been moved from where he knows people to a new place, new faces, new smells, new horses..and he's unsure.  Let him settle and just do ground work for another

2013-01-07 MY THREE YEAR OLD:

Hi Danielle,     Personally, I would leave lunging till he's older, as research has proved that lunging in young horses can cause uneven stresses on the joints and can cause problems in later life.   

2013-01-06 Behavior problems tying up:

Hi Ruby,    Try tying him up with a haynet. Food is a fantastic training aid.  There is something we have in the UK called the Equi-tie.  Not sure if you can get it in Australia, but it's a silicone rubber

2012-12-25 Horse problem:

Hi there Sarah,     You have only had her a few months, so you are still in the partnership forming stage.  I would say she just doesn't like being tied up.  Try distracting her with hay, food is a great


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