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I can answer any questions about Western Equine behavioral issues, training advice, and how to pick a horse to fit your needs and expertise.

Experience in the area

I have been riding and training horses my whole life. I am a professional barrel racer, horse trainer and riding instructor. I have been correcting behavioral issues with many horses and training horses from the start.


No where.


My education with horses comes from family and friends who are also experts in the Equine area.

Awards and Honors

Several play day trophies and belt buckles, and Washington state Junior Barrel's Reserve high point (only because I knocked down a barrel, I would have been the state champion.)

Past/Present Clients

I have too many clients to count and remember, sorry.

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Recent Answers from Aryelle L. Dyer

2014-11-24 My Arabian:

Hi Cheryl, I'd have to say first of all your Kadin is quite the handsome boy! :D    The only thing that I can really think of so far is to check for any sores or sensitive spots, under his saddle around

2014-01-20 My Horse acts like a completely different horse when I let him out of his pasture/pen.:

Hello Noel! I do apologize for my late response, but it seems to me that your horse doesn't like to be left alone for long periods of time. He's the type of horse that needs to be worked with constantly

2013-11-10 Mouthy Morgan Gelding:

This is normal for young horses, especially geldings and stallions. The best ways to stop him from biting is to bop him on the nose every time he does it. Trust me it won't make him head shy at all. He'll

2013-07-26 horse behaviour with electric fence:

I have an electric fence and a wire farm fence for my horses and they have never been skittish or difficult to take in and out of the fence. To be honest an electric fence is the best fence anyone can

2013-06-05 barn and buddy sourness:

Trust me when I say this is not an easy fix; infact, I'm still in the middle of fixing this with my horse, Victory. You are going to have to separate them put them in stalls at night and have them in different


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