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I can answer any question about English riding (pleasure and equitation), Western pleasure, transitioning into bitless riding, behavior, what to look for/how to buy a horse, & schooling issues. I can also answer questions about leasing contracts, as well as dealing with issues with boarders, barn managers, barn staff. Trying to find jobs with horses, or exercise riding jobs? I can answer questions about that too.

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14 years total experience 4 years of initial professional training (as a rider) 7 years experience as an exercise rider 3 years experience as a trainer Currently working as a full time stable hand/groom & assistant barn manager I'm still learning everyday as working with horses is a learning experience everyday.


Veterinary Assistant Certified

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Consistently place in the top 3 in any event.

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Recent Answers from Brittney Alexander

2016-04-13 Does this sound right? Horse movement question- thanks in advance:

Hey there, and thanks for your question.    It sounds like it could be a couple of things.      First off - laziness does not make my short list of concerns for this horse. If the horse were lazy, she

2015-07-10 legs filled up:

Both of these pictures look like the horse's legs are filled. Considering that all of your questions have been about racehorses, I'm going to assume that these legs belong to a thoroughbred. If the horse/horse'show

2015-07-09 conformation evaluation:

Hello again!    This horse is VERY well put together. He has a thick neck for a thoroughbred. Most have thinner necks, but that's not a problem. Very well muscled. Can't see his ribs (that's a good thing!)

2015-07-08 judging horse condition:

Hi Caine,    I could give you an idea of what I thought about this horse's body condition but I would need a profile picture of this horse. If you could get a picture of him/her from the side so I can

2015-06-23 Teaching a colt to take the bit?:

Hi there,    Teaching a horse to accept the bit when they are young can be an easy thing to do if gone about it correctly. How old is your filly? I generally don't begin that part of their schooling until


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