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I am able to answer questions regarding the training and behavior of horses, and answer questions in regards to adopting mustangs and burros from the BLM and the different types of gentling methods that might be helpful to assist you in getting to know your horse.

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I have experience in gentling Mustangs, training and breeding of stallions and mare behaviors.


Experience in breeding horses. Gentling and training horses.

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Recent Answers from Lisa Kalp

2015-11-22 training:

Hi Lesli,          Congratulations on your new horse. There is no set time frame for him to start following you as each horse is different. You are correct about doing the ground training first

2015-03-29 Kicking show horse:

Hi,          To begin with, have a complete physical done to rule out anything medical.   I would turn him out 24/7 if you can. If the weather is bad then blanket him. Remove his grain if he does not need

2015-03-14 getting a horse used to picking up and cleaning it's feet.:

Hi Lois,          Before you can work on her feet, you need to get the haltering down pat. You want her to trust you. When it is time, spend time rubbing her legs with a cloth and a brush. Keep moving

2015-03-12 halter breaking a green horse:

Hi Lois,          The first thing to do s to make sure she is in a smaller pen where she can move away from you but can not run off. Start by handling her head, neck and ears. Make her completely comfortable

2014-10-19 horse wont do anything:

Hi Melissa Cowan,          You have one of two issues, the horse does not respect her and or is too advanced for her. I would suggest that she starts with ground work. She needs to make the


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