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I have extensive experience with the training of young horses and the retraining of older horses for pleasure and dressage. I specialise in retraining Standardbreds for pleasure and dressage. I can also help with problems with behaviour and nutrition.

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I have trained many horses to a high level of dressage. I teach riders and train horses professionally, specialising in retraining of Standardbreds.


Over 25 years of living, breathing horses.

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Karen12/11/09My guy friend calls my mare names .....
Heather11/03/09101010Good Morning: Thank you for getting back .....
Michelle10/08/09101010Thank you for your quick response. I .....
ellie09/28/09101010Thankyou : ]

Recent Answers from Leigh Lovell

2009-12-10 Ears:

Hi Karen,    I wouldn't worry about it.  All horses have their individual quirks.  I've had a few horses than constantly pin their ears back - mainly mares! - but I just love them for their individual

2009-11-18 OTTB with back legs crossing?:

The movement you've described is not normal of any horse!    It could be a muscling issue, but I seriously think that there is a veterinary issue behind it.    Please ask your vet to check  your horse

2009-10-24 colt kicking:

Hi Jo,    That's a pretty serious problem that needs to be addressed quickly.  Unfortunately, it's also a lengthy topic that can't be answered in a short email.      Try having a look at these two videos

2009-10-10 excessive sweatting on cob horse:

Hi Geraldine,    Under normal circumstances a horse should not sweat like that after 5 or 10 minutes of walking.  Even if he had an excessively heavy winter coat he shouldn't be in that condition after

2009-10-07 Weanling colt:

Hi Michelle,    It's not really advisable for any foal to grow up without at least 1 other horse to 'teach it the ropes'.  Do you have any friends/neighbours who have nice natured horses you could agist


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