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--Rick is a student of the horse. I have over 450 free videos on Youtube about horses. I believe in and practice "Natural Horsemanship". I ride mainly western and don't use or promote spurs, bits, or whips. Reins are only one cue for the horse. Using the entire body helps the horse understand. I define riding as a human and horse working together for the enjoyment of both. Pain and fear should not be part of the equation. If you expect feel good advice, you will be disappointed. 95% of all my answers will include the problem is you and not your horse. About 90% of most answers that I give out are on my web site, so if you read it you will probably answer your own question and may learn a few other things. If you ask me a question that I answer on my site or video I will send your question to the question pool.

Experience in the area

Rick is an experienced horseman with over 35 years of riding and handling horses. Rick grew up in Texas around horses and horse people. He has started colts, ridden many horses with behavior issues and worked with problem horses. (He believes that most horse problems are really people problems) He believes in and practices natural horsemanship and continues to read and study books by great horsemen. He routinely attends clinics, talks with and discuss horse issues with other clinicians and trainers. He has never met a horse that could not be fixed. Rick believes it is never the horse's fault and with proper handling, all problems can be worked out.


I have life long experience in being around and working with horses. Over the years I have watched good horsemen do the right thing and seen the wrong things done with bad results. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education.

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What do you like about this subject?

Everything is for the horse. Better educated horse people make it better for the horse. Understanding the horse and seeing things from the horse's point of view makes all the difference. A horse needs direction and not correction. Think Like A Horse!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

No one will ever know it all when it comes to the horse. All great horsemen know this. The ones to watch out for are the ones that say they have done it all, seen it all and know it all. Quiet people with quiet/soft hands makes good horses.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The horse is one of the most powerful animals on the earth. They rarely use this power for anything but survival. They never use that power to be mean or in anger. Horses are America, they have built our railroads, plowed our crops and carried our soldiers to fight our wars.

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Something controversial or provocative about this subject

People don't want to hear they are the problem, we have egos and people want to tell you how long they have been around a horses and convince others that it must be the horse's fault. Stop blaming the horse, the horse is not the problem! Would you want someone always pushing you, yelling at you and yanking your head around? Being an educated horseman makes you a better Ambassador for the horse.

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2015-11-24 Teeth Floating:

It depends on how horse is kept.  Grazing pasture horses don't need it as much as stalled fed.  when you the horse their shots from VET have them check and they can tell, older horses are different than

2014-11-27 Pony turns butt to me.:

she is being a horse and trying to threaten you and warn you that she is seeing if she is higher and you are lower, the next step will be kicking.  You are right about not being experienced, wanting to

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Any good quality tack store that makes them, if it cost under 150 bucks it is probably a fake or rip off.  I would like to see, hold and flex before I got one.  I am not using bosals anymore since a rope

2014-05-31 Hair loss:

the pictures are not too clear so can't really see much - I would try Listerine and maybe alternate Iodine for a week or so- if it is fungus it may come back since it can be transferred from horse or other

2014-03-24 Starting new horse follow up.:

Over 600 videos, 600 page we site - they are both too much to copy and paste here.    You will get out of it what you put into it.    looking for short easy answers is the best way to get bad advice.


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