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I have many years experience in the horse industry. I specialise in retraining standardbreds for dressage and pleasure horses but have worked with all breeds. I have a fascination for nutrition for all animals and have studied extensively in this area. I can help with most nutrition/feeding questions as well as training, general wellbeing and care.

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Retraining Standardbreds in addition to other breeds for dressage and pleasure. Working with abused horses, taking horses from skeletons to show ring stars, teaching them to trust the human race again.

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Recent Answers from Leigh Lovell

2009-11-08 sudden quidding:

Hi Cheri,    Sudden onset of quidding is quite unusual.  It's usually a physical reaction to something.  I'd get his teeth checked again.  Once my horses reach about 18yo I get their teeth checked every

2009-10-27 knobbly legs:

Hi Carey,    It sounds like your mare suffers from what is commonly called 'Popped Knees'.  Popped knees is actually a collection of possible problems such as bone fractures, ligment injuries, tendon strains

2009-10-16 soy bean mash:

Hi Sharon,    It depends on how much you are going to feed and what else you are feeding.  Soybean is primarily a protein it will not aid weight gain in itself but only as part of a balanced diet.    I

2008-09-10 badly undernourished Mare in foal:

Hi Anne,    It will be a long road, and it's complicated by her pregnancy.  How far along is she?  This will seriously affect what her feeding regime should be.    As a general rule you should feed her

2008-09-10 ceasing lactation:

I think you need to get your vet to look at her.      What you're describing is not normal for a mare with a foal of that age.  The mare is at serious risk of mastitis which is an infection of the mammery


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