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I can answer live cover breeding questions, gestation issues, foaling issues, nutrition for brood mares, foals and stallion. I have have been breeding TBs for 15 years.

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I breed TB horses for racing and other disciplines.


BA/BS. I studying breeding for many years..

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Recent Answers from Lisa Kalp

2014-10-31 weaning a donkey foal:

Hi Gordon,          The ideal thing is to separate the dam and foal for about 2-3months, if you put them back together too soon he could go back to nursing.. This will allow you to both wean him

2014-03-15 herd stallion refusing to breed "outside" mares:

Your stallion is displaying typical herd behavior. If they do not "belong" to him, then he wants them gone. Another issue you could be having is that he is so used to pasture breeding, that he does not

2013-07-07 Whats wrong with this andalusian-pure spanish horse?Is he suitable to breed?:

Hi Nick,          He is a very nice looking horse. He is a bit small for his age but certain strains of Andalusian strains are smaller. He also could be a throw back to the European type of Andalusian

2013-04-16 riding donkeys same as horses:

Hi Rohit,          The answer is yes. Mules have denser muscles then a horse that is the same size as it.A mule can be packed with "dead weight" of up to 20% of its body weight. So yes they can

2012-12-28 Pregnant mare weight loss?:

Hi Georgia,          Every mare is different. Some mares start to need grain sooner then others. My only concern would be if she was carrying twins so I would get that checked out. I would start


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